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Cooling Water Treatment

Proper water treatment is essential in preventing problems in your cooling water systems - to avoid disruption of service, to avoid energy waste, and to avoid liabilities. Below is a short summary of the problems commonly found in cooling water systems... more...

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2100Oxidizing biocide; Contains Bromo-Chloro-Dimethyl-Hydantoin in tablet form. For applications with bromine feeder or brominator.
2100SBOxidizing Biocide; Contains liquid stabilized bromineFor applications where bromine is the preferred biocide but a feeder for dry bromine is not available; Requires a chemical pump 
2117Bio-Dispersant; Contains hypochlorite.For general bio-dispersancy where a full biocide program is not needed.
2120Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor: Contains a blend of polymers, dispersant, phosphonates, azole, crystal modifierFor cooling towers with softwater make-up applications.
2122NScale and Corrosion Inhibitor; Contains a blend of polymers, dispersant, phosphonates, azole, crystal modifierFor cooling tower with moderate hard water make-up applications.
2176Terbuthylazine based AlgaecideFor mitigating algae growth in cooling towers
2177Non-Oxidizing Biocide; Contains Hydroxymethyl-Nitro-PropanediolFor general microorganism control 
2178Non-Oxidizing Biocide; Contains GlutaraldehydeFor general microorganism control
2183Non-Oxidizing Biocide; Contains IzothiazolinFor general microorganism control
21WRWhite Rust Corrosion Inhibitor; Contains a blend of phosphonates, azole, dispersant.For the prevention of white rust corrosion on new galvanized cooling towers 
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