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Closed Loop Treatment

Proper water treatment is essential in preventing problems in your closed loop systems - to avoid corrosion, deposition, and fouling, to avoid disruption of service, and to avoid energy waste. Below is a short summary of the potential problems commonly found in closed loop systems... more...

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2178Non-Oxidizing Biocide; Contains GlutaraldehydeFor general microorganism control
4305Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor; Contains nitrite, azole, sludge conditionerFor controlling corrosion and scale deposition in closed loop applications, such as, hot water boiler loops, chilled water loops, process water loops
HydroShield® SeriesCorrosion Inhbitor for Demanding ApplicationsFor closed loop applications containing ALUMINUM, open tanks/pits, such as in plastic molding, welding, other metal processing operation, and/or where there is a high potential for bacterial infiltration; For corrosion control post hydrotesting; For corrosion control during lay-up
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