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Consulting and Training Services

Below are the standard services that we will provide to you as our customer.  

  1. Provide a START-UP SERVICE program, as follows:
    • Conduct a plant survey to familiarize ourselves with the operation of the water and/or wastewater treatment facility. A schematic flow diagram of the system will be kept in file.
    • Provide in-plant training to familiarize the operating engineers with the purpose of the treatment program; to instruct them in the testing and adjustment procedures.
    • Provide safety training on how to administer any chemicals safely and how to use the MSDS.
    • Provide a Program Manual as a reference handbook, containing information on program outline, control limits, test instructions, data sheets, MSDS.
  2. Provide ROUTINE SERVICE calls on a regular basis (when the system is in operation) to ensure that the parameters of the water and/or wastewater treatment program are being kept within the specifications, as follows:
    • Conduct analytical tests (most tests are done on-site).
    • Review operator's logs.
    • Check the operation of any treatment systems, i.e., chemical feeding equipment, etc.
    • Troubleshoot problems related to water and/or wastewater treatment
    • Recommend the necessary corrections/adjustments.
    • Provide further training and consulting as needed.
    • Write a report on all findings, actions taken, and further recommendations
  3. Provide ADDITIONAL SERVICES, at additional costs, as needed, to enhance the objectives of the water treatment program, as follows:
    • Complete Program Outsourcing
    • Provide special lab tests on water and/or deposit samples.
    • Run efficiency studies to evaluate the operating efficiency of the systems.
    • Provide technical support for improvement plans, such as the addition of pre-treatment systems, etc.
    • Conduct feasibility studies.
    • Conduct special training seminars.
    • Installation and Repair of WET's equipment.


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