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Material Safety Data Sheet

WET-2183 is a blend of mixed isothiazolinones and a polyionene for the control of microorganisms in industrial water systems. Combining these popular microbiocides into a single package creates a synergistic benefit of both active ingredients without the need to feed two separate products. It is designed to minimize scale, corrosion, algae, and fouling caused by aerobic and anaerobic microorganism in industrial water systems.


• Two biocides in one package for synergistic results
• Prolongs equipment life by reducing microbio induced corrosion
• Helps maintain efficient heat transfer by minimizing bio-film and its deposits
• Helps to penetrate and disperse slime masses
• Chemical is easy to feed, test, and control


• Industrial Water Systems
• Airwash Systems
• Cooling Ponds
• Fire Water Protection Systems


The dosage will vary according to the amount of organisms in the cooling water. However typical maintenance dosages is around 100 - 200 ppm of product (12.8 oz to 25.6 oz per 1000 gallons of water). Dosage should be adjusted to maintain a microorganism planktonic (free-floating) count of <106. It may be necessary to supplement WET-2183 with an oxidizing microbiocide for broader protection against microbiological induced scale, corrosion, and fouling. If a system is severely fouled, it may be necessary to pre-clean the system prior to implementing a microbiocide program. For optimum protection of your system, see your WET representative for other recommendations.

WET-2183 should be fed via a chemical pump and timer assembly. It can be slug fed on occasions to maintain a microorganism planktonic count of <106. Either way, it should be fed at a point where sufficient mixing will occur…do not feed in quiescent area.

Material Compatibility - Stainless Steel, Polyethylene, PVC. Do not use mild steel, yellow metals, aluminum.

For information concerning typical properties, health hazard, flammability, reactivity, handling & storage, please consult the MSDS.

Available in 55, 30, 15, 5 gal drums, bulk shipments, and returnable 200 and 400 gallon tote containers.

Our technical staff is available to assist in the application of WET’s products. You may request assistance through your sales representative or by contacting WET, Inc. at (877) 938-4621.

Improper application of this product will result in insufficient protection and/or potential damage to the system being treated. Please follow the recommendations of your WET representative.  The information and statements herein are believed to be reliable, but are not to be construed as warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility.

For Medical and Transportation Emergencies involving WET products call (24-hour response): (800)535-5053


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