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Product Bulletin
HydroShieldĀ® Series
Corrosion Inhibitor

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Material Safety Data Sheet

HydroShield® is a non-nitrite, non-molybdate, non-regulated, non-hazardous, biodegradable line of corrosion inhibitors for HVAC closed loops, process water, hydrotesting, and laying-up of hydronic systems. It is the ideal alternative to nitrite, molybdate based inhibitors in applications where these products are not suited for.

  • HT version is designed for hydrotesting and cleaning of new hydronic systems.
  • XP version is designed for HVAC closed loops and process loops. It is ideal for process loops with ALUMINUM, open tanks/pits, such as in plastic molding, welding, other metal processing operation.
  • LT version s designed for laying-up open cooling loops such as cooling towers.


  • Does not contain nitrite, molybdate, or other heavy metals.
  • Stable to microorganism attack. Does not promote bacterial growth as nitrite.
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Protects a variety of metallurgy such as aluminum, mild steel, copper, brass, and other yellow metals.
  • Non-reactive. Accidental contact with acids will not generate toxic products as nitrite does.


  • Hydrotesting, post flooding, and boil/flush out of new hydronic systems. It contains a blend of corrosion inhibitors to protect the system against corrosion associated with hydrotesting and post flooding, reducing corrosion and fouling liability with regards to warranty issues. It is also formulated with a cleaner for boil/flush out normally required on new construction, reducing the need to recharge the loop repeatedly, saving time and labor.


  • HVAC closed loops, such as hot water and chilled water loops.
  • Process water loops with open tanks or open pits where the water is subject to contamination from bacteria, air infiltration, and other air-borne particles. It is advantageous over nitrite-based inhibitor since it does not promote bacterial growth.
  • Contains inhibitor for aluminum, so it is ideal for injection molding processes. When aluminum parts are in contact with the solution they will tarnish but no corrosion of the aluminum takes place.


  • For protecting system against corrosion during lay-up as in cooling tower loops.

HydroShield® products are used at concentrations from 1% to 3%, depending on the desired level of corrosion protection.

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