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Inhibited Sulfamic Acid

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Material Safety Data Sheet

WET-3102 is a blend of sulfamic acid and surfactant designed to remove Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) based deposits. It is formulated with an inhibitor to protect the base metal, including galvanized surfaces, from corrosion during acid cleaning. WET-3102 can be applied while the cooling tower is in service.


  • Safer to handle than most acid cleaners
  • Can be used while the equipment is in service
  • Cleans equipment without dismantling - No equipment downtime
  • Does not attack the base metal – including galvanized surfaces


  • Cooling Towers
  • Boilers
  • Closed Loops

Begin with about 1% solution of WET-3102 by weight. The pH of the initial solution should be at about 1.0. During the cleaning process the pH of the water will increase. When pH increases to 2, add WET-3102 in increments of 1% until pH drops under 2.0. When pH is stable for over an hour it is usually an indication that the deposits have been removed. Visual inspection should be the final step. Repeat the procedure if needed.

The complete removal of any deposits depends on several factors such as chemical composition, age, and quantity. For these reasons it is difficult to predict exactly the cleaning time or the amount of WET-3102 needed.

Read our Technical Publication on “Acid Cleaning - General Guidelines” prior to application.

Note: Upon completion, a corrosion inhibitor must be added immediately to prevent flash corrosion.

WET-3102 should not be used in systems with aluminum.

For information concerning typical properties, health hazard, flammability, reactivity, please consult the product material safety data sheet.

Available in 400, 100, or 50 lb drums.

Our technical staff is available to assist in the application of WET’s products. You may request assistance through your sales representative or by contacting WET, Inc. at (877) 938-4621.

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For Medical and Transportation Emergencies involving WET products call (24-hour response): (800) 535-5053


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