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Product Bulletin
Cationic Flocculant

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Material Safety Data Sheet

WET-8128 is an emulsion cationic charged polyelectrolytes. It is high molecular weight, medium charged, and effective over a pH range of 1 - 13.


  • Forms compact, sheer stable floc
  • Reduces sludge haul-out cost
  • Economical to use - High solids in a low viscosity liquid form
  • Easy to Apply - Emulsion form


· Drainage/Retention Aid

· Clarification

· Sludge Dewatering

· Air Floatation

· Belt Press Dewatering

· Centrifugation

· Sludge Thickening

· Gravity Settling


· Drainage/Retention Aid

0.1 - 1.0 ppm

· Wastewater Clarification

1.0 - 50 ppm

· Thickening

0.5 - 10 lbs/ton

· Dewatering

1.0 - 15 lbs/ton

WET-8128 must be diluted, between 0.25 – 1.0 %, before using. If the dilution is higher than 1.0%, it will prevent proper mixing with the waste stream and may cause higher dosages. There are many systems available for polymer solution preparation and feeding, from a purely manual operation to very sophisticated automatic systems. Consult your WET representative to discuss specific requirements. The prepared feed solution can be used for about one week.

If using an agitator to prepare the feed solution, use a large blade with low rpm to prevent sheering the polymer. The final feed solution should not contain any lumps or gels.

The above dosages are typical. Actual dosages will vary due to many variables in the waste stream. It is necessary to conduct “jar tests” to determine the appropriated dosage level.

For information concerning typical properties, health hazard, flammability, reactivity, handling & storage, please consult the MSDS.

Available in 55 gal drums, 5 gal pails, bulk shipments, and returnable 200 and 400 gallon tote containers.

Our technical staff is available to assist in the application of WET’s products. You may request assistance through your sales representative or by contacting WET, Inc at (877) 938-4621.

Improper application of this product will result in insufficient protection and/or potential damage to the system being treated. Please follow the recommendations of your WET representative.

The information and statements herein are believed to be reliable, but are not to be construed as warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility.

For Medical and Transportation Emergencies involving WET products call (24-hour response): (800)535-5053


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