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Condensate Treatment

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Material Safety Data Sheet


WET-1132 Condensate Treatment is an aqueous blend of neutralizing amines. The active ingredients in WET-1132 are Cyclohexamine, Diethylaminoethanol, and Morpholine.


    • Reduces corrosion in a condensate system by neutralizing carbonic acid
    • Decreases insulating iron deposits on boiler tubes through lower condensate iron levels
    • Special multi-component formulation protects initial, middle, and extended areas of the condensate system.
    • Complies with FDA regulations pertaining to boiler water additives


WET-1132 is a condensate corrosion inhibitor designed for use in steam and condensate systems. It may be used at boiler operating pressures up to 2,400 psig and temperatures up to 850° F.


WET-1132 dosage varies according to percent make-up, carbon dioxide content of steam and desired condensate pH. Dosages should be adjusted to maintain a pH range of 8.2 - 9.2 in the condensate. The maximum dosage in plants subject to FDA regulations is not to exceed 45 ppm WET-1132 in the steam. In non-FDA applications where the steam will be used for humidification, the maximum dosage is not to exceed 50 ppm in the steam. For optimum protection of your system, see your WET representative for other recommendations.


WET-1132 can be fed neat or in any convenient dilution. Demineralized water or cooled (<90° F) condensate should be used for product dilution. The preferred feed point is the main steam header, but product can be fed directly to the boiler or into the feedwater line. When feeding WET-1132 to the steam header, a stainless steel retractable atomizing injector should be used. Do not feed WET-1132 ahead of the deaerator, as this will result in significant product loss through the deaerator vent.

WET-1132 should be fed on a continuous basis to help assure program performance.

Materials Compatibility

- Suitable materials of construction for chemical feed tank, feed lines, and pump include polyethylene, mild steel, and stainless steel. Nonferrous materials such as copper, aluminum, and zinc should be avoided.


For information concerning typical properties, health hazard, flammability, reactivity, handling & storage, please consult the MSDS.


Available in 55, 30, 15, 5 gal drums, bulk shipments, and returnable 200 and 400 gallon tote containers.


Our technical staff is available to assist in the application of WET’s products. You may request assistance through your sales representative or by contacting WET, Inc. at (877) 938-4621.


Improper application of this product will result in insufficient protection and/or potential damage to the system being treated. Please follow the recommendations of your WET representative.

The information and statements herein are believed to be reliable, but are not to be construed as warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility.

For Medical and Transportation Emergencies involving WET products call (24-hour response): (800)535-5053

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